What You Need to Consider Prior to Choosing Your Domain Name

What You Need to Consider Prior to Choosing Your Domain Name

In terms of choosing a name for your new domain, it is vital to help your customers look beyond it. As it is going to be the anchor of your brand for years to come, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead and buy Dubai domain. To help you take the right decision, we cover our top ten tips.

Have A Look at Competitors?

Before going ahead and selecting a name, it is important to do a little research. This will go a long way in helping you find the right name. Check your competitors, especially industry-leaders and understand how they’re chosen their domain name. Take note of whether they have included any keywords or specific terms so you can build your domain name around these studies.

Make it Easy to Keep in Mind

Even though you are confident in receiving high visitors, we would recommend keeping a name that is easy to remember. It will help your customers in being able to spread your website’s name easily. Another important point that you need to keep note of is to avoid too many hyphens, or odd spellings, so it makes it easier to visualize. Your clients need to be able to type it easily just by hearing the name and not necessarily have to view how its spelt. You also need to avoid words which have more than one spelling, to avoid confusion.

Avoid the Usage of Slangs

Even if your website is targeting the young audience, it is wise to avoid slangs in your website name. When planning for a long-term success, it is considered ideal to opt for a name that doesn’t fade from being popular over time.

Keep it Short

As mentioned earlier, a good name should be easy to remember, hence it needs to be short. If there are multiple names, people will have to remember the right order, in addition to typing them all out correctly. While there aren’t many single names available, we would suggest keeping it short.

Make Sure It Is Exclusive to You

Before going ahead another important check to do is understand whether any other company already has the same name. It is ideal to have your domain match with your social media handle, so it makes it easier to search. Moreover, spreading word of mouth would be easier as well.


If your domain has two words in it, we know that adding a hyphen for easy readability may be tempting. However, the issue here is, people might be confused and may end up on someone else’s website. While it is a common belief that domain names with a hyphen in it is easier for SEO, little did people know that domain names with a hyphen are considered spammy and could be penalized.

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