Luxury Car Rental Dubai Price

Factors That Affect the Car Rental Price

There is no standard technique for determining the rates to rent out a car. Most of the time, it is a case of the willing lessor and willing lessee terms of business. However, some characteristics affect the luxury car rental Dubai price to note. These have a lot to do with the time of year when looking to rent a car, the car’s make, and the specifications it has, among others. All these attributes offer a way to work around them to get a great deal. Car models, for instance, if a certain vehicle is priced highly beyond the intended budget, there will always be a cheaper alternative to substitute it with. With careful consideration, the price aspect need not be the reason not to rent a car.


Car rental prices are greatly affected by the time of year. During peak seasons such as over major holidays, the prices are much higher than other times of the year. The reason being, there is greater demand for car rental services prompting prices to go up. On other less busy occasions, the renting prices may be more favorable as the car supply in rental facilities is more than client demand. Like other businesses, car rental services have peak and off-peak seasons that determine how much business is available. If renting a car is not urgent, then waiting for off-peak season is a better choice.

Car Model

The make and model of the car affect the price. This is just the same way buying certain cars would cost more than others. Luxury cars attract higher renting fees than basic cars. Also, bigger cars are more expensive as they cost more to buy, and renters must recover their investment and profit from their business. Their maintenance is high; hence the reason why they cost more to rent. Therefore, if looking to rent a car, consider various car models, and depending on the model of choice and car features, you may be able to negotiate the prices accordingly.

Duration of Renting

How long you intend to have a rented car will determine the price. Renting a car for a short period of time inevitably will be cheaper than having the same car longer. However, renting a car long-term gives grounds for negotiating discounts, and the rate per day may be lowered. The concept uses the same philosophy as that behind the economy of scale. Cheaper to purchase more rather than less. It all comes down to how long the need for a rental car is required, and based on this, the prices may change in favor of the client interested in the car.

Age of the Car

The age of a car affects its renting cost directly. Newer car models are more expensive, have more modifications, and are priced higher than older versions of the same car. However, a different perspective on age comes with vintage cars, which attract higher fees. This is because a well-maintained car is rare, and there are only a few of its kind available in the market at any given time. Inevitably, this attribute makes it more expensive than other newer models of the same car. For vehicles that are still in production to date, those with the most recent year of manufacture rent at a higher fee.

Extra Services

Another factor that affects the price is any additional service involved during the car renting process. These include having the vehicle dropped off to the client instead of picking the car from the car rental yard. Getting a driver with the car rental as opposed to a self-drive option also affects the price. Most economy rentals cars have no extra charges from the renting fees. Luxury cars however, differ slightly as clients may be required to pay for any extra services involved with the car. It is the price to pay to associate oneself with luxury living.

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